Year Five


Welcome to Year 5.  This year we will examine the impact that humans are having on the planet – both in regard to climate change and plastic pollution – and how humans have affected the British Isles over its history.  This will lead to some highly detailed writing in the form of explanation texts, stories and diaries.

We will learn how to read topographical maps and predict the effect of sea level rises, what lines of latitude are, and between which parallels we might find different biomes.  We will also consider how the rise in global temperatures might affect these unique environments.

In Year 5, the children will all get the chance to learn to swim and ride a bike out on the road with the Bikeability team.  They will also have the fantastic opportunity to stay at Ingleborough Hall where the pupils will be afforded the chance to develop their independence.

If you have any questions please contact the office and we will be in touch.

Mrs Lee and Mr West

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