Year One


Welcome to Year 1. 

I’m Delwar Hussain and I have the privilege of looking after Year 1 and the curriculum across school.  

Year 1 is a provision based curriculum as we continue building on the learning from Early Years.  Children have focused group time with their teacher and are given many opportunities to be independent in the different areas across the school day.  Children have daily phonics lessons, which is the key starting point of the children’s reading journey.

We ensure the children have many out of school and ‘real’ hands on experiences to help them flourish in school.  

If you have any enquiries or concerns, please contact our school office and I’ll be in touch.

Year 1 Spring newsletter 1

Year 1 Spring newsletter 2

Year 1 Science Knowledge Organiser –  Animals & humans

Year 1 Geography Knowledge Organiser – Seasons

Year 1 History Knowledge Organiser – Shopping

Year 1 History Knowledge Organiser – Transport

Year 1 RE

Year 1 Phonics

Year 1 Long Term Plan