Year Three


In Year 3 we have 82 children. The Assistant Headteachers are Mr Lomas and Mrs Florence.  The class teachers in Year 3 are Mr Lomas,
Miss Fazal, Miss Bhalla and Miss Akmal.

The children have made a fantastic start to the school year.  They are enthusiastic, confident and resilient.  We are really impressed by how they are all looking out for each other, being helpful to all and working together to make Green Lane a fantastic place to learn.

This autumn term we will be focusing on our History skills learning about the ‘Secrets of the Stone Age to the Iron Age’.  We will be learning about prehistoric civilisations and how we have come to know so much about people that lived thousands of years ago.  We will look closely at artefacts such as cave paintings, early tools, fire hearths and historic sites.  We will look at famous historic landmarks such as Stonehenge, and Skara Brae, and important archaeological finds such as the Cheddar Man and the Amesbury Archer.  We will learn about how settlements were made, the materials that they used to survive.  We will be linking our writing and reading with the topic.  We will write a time travelling story, a travel brochure and a non-chronological report. We will look at books by Satoshi Kitamura, Raymond Briggs and Charlotte Guillian.

In Science we are looking at ‘Rocks and Soils’ and in Maths we will be looking at place value using numbers with 3 digits.

Please have a look at our Knowledge Organisers and use them to discuss the learning with the children.

If you have any questions or would like to find out more, please make an appointment to speak to a member of the team and we will be happy to help.

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