Year Four


Year 4 Long Term Plan



Welcome to Year 4!

Miss Deciacco has the privilege of looking after Year 3 and Year 4 as well as overseeing English across school.  In Year 4, Miss Deciacco is supported by Mrs Haworth, Mrs Bhatti, Miss Ali and Mr Evans.

On this page, you will find some information about our curriculum and class expectations.  Year 4 is the second year of Key Stage Two, which means the children will becoming more independent in their learning.  They will travel back in time to learn about the Romans and Anglo-Saxons, explore electricity, the occurrence of natural disasters and finding out about the world around us.

In Year 4, we expect the children to read at home every day and bring their book bags to school every day too.  In Year 4 we have the Times Table Check in June so it is important to learn our times tables.  A good way to do this is to use TTRockstars. TTRockstars is a really fun and engaging way for children to practise their times tables. Please encourage your child to access TTRockstars twice a week.  Look out for class battles and challenges.

Throughout the Year we will take the children on a visit to the The Armouries and St George’s Hall.  We plan these visits to give the children a wide range of new experiences and to bring their learning to life.

If you have any enquiries or concerns, please contact our school office and Miss Deciacco will be in touch.

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