Autism DSP

DSP- Autism at Green Lane Primary School.

Green Lane Primary School has a 12 place designated special provision (DSP) for children with Autism.

This is an inclusive provision and children can be referred at any stage of the primary school years. However, early identification and entry are most favourable in order to maximise progress. All children attending the DSP have an Education and Health Care Plan (EHCP).

Whilst all children are supported in class, each child will be encouraged to work independently when they are able to. Again, this will vary according to the needs of individual children at different times.

The DSP is managed by a specialist teacher who works closely with Teaching and Learning Partners, as well as two Speech and Language Therapists who will come in and work with the children as required. The Speech and Language Therapist will observe and assess the children before setting targets that can be worked on in school by the children’s Teaching and Learning Partners and class teacher. The DSP staff form part of a team with class teachers, outside agencies and families.

Each child will be observed in their own setting and given the opportunity to visit Green Lane prior to entry in order to see if the DSP could possibly meet the child’s needs. Informal baseline classroom assessments also help staff to establish a clear starting point for the children. The children continue to have ongoing assessments in order to show progress and evaluate the effectiveness of different interventions and strategies. Like all children throughout the school, DSP children will receive assessment levels at the end of every term. Their levels are recorded on CASPA graphs so that all small steps of

progress can be clearly seen. We also use many different tools to assess the children’s progress as autistic children tend to have a spiky profile and then we can track the small steps of development.

Following assessments, children have small targets which all members of the child’s team, including parents, are aware of. This ensures that children are helped in every aspect of their daily lives to achieve progress.

Each child will have an annual review of their EHCP in addition to at least two more meetings to discuss progress. Parents and relevant outside agencies will be invited to these meetings. Parents are always welcome to request a meeting at any time if there are particular issues that they would like to discuss.

The DSP and wider school staff use a wide range of specialist strategies including Makaton signing, colour and shape coding, objects of reference along with PEC’s to enable the non-verbal children to communicate effectively.

The school promotes a growth mind-set as the most effective approach to learning. Children are encouraged to embrace new activities and challenges, always have a go and view mistakes as an important part of any learning journey.

All DSP children receive support to access the curriculum and work within their classroom using their own workstation; if they find this challenging the children have a safe space where they can break out to help them to re-regulate. If they still find the classroom environment over stimulating, they can return to the Base Area and use a workstation there where it is quiet and calm. Within Base, we also have a dark tent and sensory lights to support our sensory children.

Green Lane does provide a wealth of activities for children and during the week, the children in the DSP for Autism will access Gross Motor and Food Technology lesson. There is a strong emphasis on experiential learning. Children go on many educational visits each term. These usually support the curriculum at the time and many target children’s physical skills and developing confidence e.g. horse riding, visiting a café, shopping, Additionally the DSP children have a termly visit to specifically target their life skills in real life. For example, children may be required to order food in a café or ask for railway tickets, crossing the road or shopping independently.

If you would like to discuss the DSP or visit to meet the staff and children involved, please contact the school on 01274 774644