Young Leaders

The Young Leaders Programme is a great opportunity for pupils to get more involved in the way Green Lane is run.

The Leaders are elected from each class (Year 2 – Year 6). These children are elected by their fellow pupils and staff to represent their classmates. Once the group assembled together for the first time they then elect different members within the group such as; a chair, vice-chair, secretary and treasurer.

The Young Leaders take part in small pupil led projects and also decisions that effect school. It is the responsibility of each Young Leader to ensure that they express both their own views and the views of their fellow classmates. Reporting back the main items from the meetings, gathering opinions and reporting those opinions back to the group.

The Young Leaders have had a jam packed 2018-2019. The school council started the year with debating and discussion issues that affect their life in school. They were involved in the decision making process surrounding the new play equipment and lunch time clubs. They had to gather opinions for the class, cost different prices and help draw up timetables.

The Young Leaders have also looked at changing the school menu. This was a direct result of children approaching them and requesting an improvement to the school menu. The Young Leaders met and worked closely with the catering manager, Jayne, to look at way to add additional items to the menu. They quickly learnt that this was not an easy task as the school menu had to be balanced and couldn’t contain too many item that were fried, had sugar to too much salt. Pizza and chips everyday was not an option!

They have taken part in a variety of activities:

– School menu consultation

– Poppy Appeal fundraising

– Interviewing candidates for TLP posts

– Red Nose Day Appeal fundraising

– Pupil opinion surveys

– Playground equipment survey