Year Two


I’m Jo Marwood; an Assistant Head at Green Lane who is responsible for Year 2 and Assessment across the school.

Year 2 builds on prior learning from Year 1 and Early Years.  We focus on a phonetical approach to reading to help pupils decode words, improve fluency and develop a love of reading.  Pupils also start to develop a deeper understanding of the texts they read.

They start to think about how to organise and develop ideas in their writing to make it interesting to the reader.

In Maths, children in Year 2 become more fluent in using mental calculations for the four operations.  They find fractions of numbers and shapes and build on their understanding of measures.

We enrich the learning of our pupils in Year 2 by exploring woodland habitats and coastal towns, visiting museums and spending time on the school barge.

If you have any enquiries please contact the office and I’ll be in touch.

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