Breakfast Club

Our Breakfast Club provides pupils, of all ages and needs, with a safe, friendly and fun place to start their school day.  It runs from 8:00 until 8:30.  Children of any age can attend the Breakfast Club; from our youngest pupils in the Little Buds and Nursery right through to our oldest in Year 6.  If you would like a place in Breakfast Club please email to request one.

Once a place is confirmed bring your child down to the Dining Hall between 8:00 – 8:10 and sign a register to mark their attendance.

Our Breakfast Club currently has no charge. ‘Magic Breakfast’, a registered charity, provides some of the food with contributions added from school.  It includes a range of healthy choices.  We have Bagels provided by Bagel Nash, porridge provided by Quaker Oats and a range of cereals – such as Cornflakes, Cheerios and Rice Crispies.  The children are encouraged to serve themselves, eat and then clear up afterwards.

We have lots of fun things going on at the Breakfast Club.  Not only is it a great place for your child to socialise, but also our dedicated and enthusiastic Breakfast Club Team share activities to ensure that there is a range of provision for children to access including art, colouring, games and reading.

Bagels are also available for any pupil who wishes to collect one at 8:30 to eat before going into class.