School Linking Programme

Green Lane is part of the Schools Linking Programme.  We are linked with a culturally diverse school from ours, Haworth Primary School.  We work with them on SMSC (Spiritual, Moral, Social & Cultural) development.  This includes exploration of British values.  We are linking with the classes virtually this year due to Covid-19.

What we hope the children learn from the partnership:

  • Building a sense of togetherness with other children who are from different backgrounds;
  • Creating shared learning adventures from within the classroom;
  • Helping children recognise their feelings, promoting recovery and developing trust, empathy, awareness and respect for others;
  • Providing opportunities to contribute to the wider community
  • Using the questions Who am I?  Who are we?  Where do we live? and How do we all live together?  The programme focuses on well- being and sense of belonging in our home and school communities, with the option of reaching out to others in another school.